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Finding the right School in the Age of Campus Anti-Zionism

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Are your child and you ready for the new anti-Israel/anti-Semitic campus reality?

While there has been unprecedented campus hostility toward Israel since October 7, 2023, the tactics and encampments that have taken place are new only in their audacity and scope. As one will discover in this website, the anti-Israel radicalization of today’s campuses has been years in the making with not just the Students for Justice in Palestine spearheading the movement. Faculty, particularly in Middle East and gender studies, have fanned the flames of anti-Israel hostility, campus progressive groups, no matter how high minded, have bought into the anti-Israel philosophy in a showing of “intersectional” solidarity, and school administrators have turned a blind eye to the way in which Jewish students on campus have been marginalized, mistreated and subjected to anti-Zionist litmus tests. 

The Jewish College Exchange–with more than 100,000 visits–is a free, interactive resource for prospective Jewish college students and their parents. The site focuses on the growing anti-Israel environment that had infiltrated college campuses long before October 7, 2023, the anti-Semitism that frequently emerges from such an environment and the marginalization of Jewish students who wish to engage in progressive pursuits but are prevented from doing so due to their pro-Israel values. Learn more by clicking on the informative buttons provided above.